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Shelter Project
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Silent Hands Support inc. will stand next to the global community due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation, Please extend your helping hand through Silent Hands for the poor, helpless and unprivileged people.


Our Qurban policy is 100% according to islam Principles

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Our Education Program

Poverty is a direct barrier to Education. Silent Hands Support Inc. is continuing to develop the education program to educate and sponsoring the child who in need.

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Our vision is for SILENT HANDS SUPPORT INC to become not just surprisingly successful in reducing the poverty and enduring of the communities in need, yet in addition turn into a basic association inside the HUMANITARIAN AID industry; to our recipients, donors and all partners.



Our mission is for SILENT HANDS SUPPORT INC to make every effort to unite humankind through supporting and helping the world’s poorest and destitute communities by responding rapidly to crises, undertaking feasible advancement ventures to break cycles of endemic poverty.

Our Zakat policy is 100% according to the Islamic Principles

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Silent Hands Support inc. Principles

Silent Hands Support Inc. will work only for the poor, helpless , orphaned and uninsured people.

(1) Project Base Funds Collection:
When we work with a project, we will ensure that all the money from the Donor will get the recipient, Insha Allah.
(2) General funds collection:
When we will receive money form the donor to spend as necessary sector, Silent Hands Support Inc. will ensure that all the collected money will be distributed for the necessary sector In Sha Allah.
Donner’s choice will be preferred in the Silent Hands Support Inc. and SHS will work accordingly. Silent Hands Support will act as a bridge only in between the donor and the recipient.
Silent Hands Support Inc. MISSION, VISION and VALUE STATEMENT is not just a slogan.
It is a non-profit organization encouraging people to extend their hands to the poor, helpless and unprivileged people around the world who desperately need our help. We want to raise fund as much as possibly we can and donate directly to the people who in need. We have lots of debt are to the poor , helpless and unprivileged people on the earth. There are many opportunities for us to repay that debts. Why not let’s try to do a little together ? Maybe we cannot do a lot of big things, but for sure, we can do a lot of little things together , In Sha Allah.
And if we can bring a little smile on their faces by doing little things, why not we call it a success?”

We are here for all humanity during times of crisis and in their aftermath. Together with our volunteers, donors and sponsors, we are changing the lives  of needy people every day. Join us!


In the wake of a disaster, whether of natural causes or man-made, it is essential that help and relief arrive as quickly as possible.

Qurban Project



QURBAN is one of the SHS’S significant projects among all. We have started our GIVING BACK BANGLADESH mission with QURBAN. Our aims are to give something back to our motherland. QURBAN is our primary humanitarian FOOD AID program.

OrpHan aid

Losing parents places a heavy burden on the lives of orphans, whether it is caused by man or nature. Orphans are most vulnerable to being exploited and mistreated due to their lack of protection and finances. Many get sold off as cheap slave labour, or worse. Most orphans have no access to adequate housing, sanitation, food, clean water or an education.


Poverty is a direct barrier to education . Silent Hands Support is continuing to develop the education program to educate and sponsoring the child who in need.

Clean Water




Lack of access to safe water sources is one of the world’s largest health and environmental problems – particularly for the poorest in the world.

Winter Blanket Appeal

With your help, we provide blankets and clothing to people experiencing cold, homelessness, helping them keep warm through the colder months.

Food aid

 All about providing food and related assistance to face with hunger, either in emergency situations, or to help with deeper, longer term hunger alleviation and achieve food security………….


Our Zakat policy is 100% according to the Islamic Principles

Aims and Objectives


The objects and purposes of the Organizations are as follows:
To encourage education for all children and adults.
To provide sufficient healthcare to those who require it.
To provide livelihood schemes and support services to those who require it.
To provide support in the rehabilitation of physically and mentally challenged children.
Work to ensure human basic needs and to protect human rights.
Work to ensure the basic needs of orphans and develop their education.


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