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The key aspects of Silent Hands Support Inc. are accountability, trustworthiness, honesty, and openness to every person who has invested time, money, and faith into our organization . Silent Hands Support Inc. are accountable to the donors, founders, volunteers, program recipients, and the public community. Public confidence is a factor in the amount of money that a Silent Hands Support Inc. is able to raise.

What we do


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Help for Amphan Cyclone

“First Covid-19, now “Cyclone Amphan” , the southwestern coastal area people of Bangladesh are suffering with no homes, no food, no power. They have no enjoyment for the Eid-Ul-Fithr, they have just survive in the hope of invisible help.
Cyclone Amphan hit Bangladesh on Wednesday the 20th Of May 2020 with strong wind and heavy rain. At least 88 killed, thousands of homes destroyed and millions remain without power. Cyclone Amphan damaged 176,000 hectares of crop yield across the country.

The United Nations office in Bangladesh estimates 10 million people were affected, and some 500,000 people may have lost their homes.
In this situation, the people affected by Cyclone Amphan 2020 will be provided dry food and essential items through Silent Hands Support.

We are seeking your help and cooperation.


In the wake of a disaster, whether of natural causes or man-made, it is essential that help and relief arrive as quickly as possible. This is important to ensure that survivors do not endure prolonged suffering and also to prevent the outbreak of diseases due to unmanaged contamination.
Silent Hands Support Inc. leverages the skills, resources, networks and geographical coverage of field offices for effective and efficient assistance in delivering humanitarian aid during disasters.

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Qurban is one of the SHS’S significant projects among all. We have started our giving back Bangladesh mission with QURBAN. Our aims are to give something back to our motherland. QURBAN is our primary humanitarian FOOD AID program.


Cost is one of the more evident reasons why youngsters don’t gain admittance to an instruction, given that a few families must meet their fundamental needs – sustenance and asylum first. Guardians may require their kids to work to enhance household income, do family tasks or care for sick family members.
Then again, numerous youngsters who do go to class get an insufficient instruction due to ineffectively prepared, came up short on instructors, stuffed classrooms and an absence of essential apparatuses, for example, reading material, writing board, even chalk, pencil and paper.

food aid

Much has been said about the global food crisis that has been threatening the world in past years. As International Aid & Development agencies strive to lessen the direct impact of poverty, and work towards a sustainable solution, it is crucial to continue to support the immediate needs of the most affected global communities.
At SHS, the global food crisis has been at the forefront of its agenda. Dramatic rise in food prices worldwide, coupled with increasing disasters in many parts of the world, has made SHS more focused on alleviating the problem of hunger and to help people regain their health and independence.


One of the banes of present-day medicine is the extravagant expense of cure that has rendered therapeutic administrations in numerous parts of the world out of reach to poor people. The results of this circumstance are desperate undoubtedly as effectively preventable and treatable ailments are causing passing and superfluous long haul enduring to millions. Further, without great wellbeing, the survival and monetary independence of people and their networks are at risk.
SHS Inc. gives crisis restorative and wellbeing alleviation in struggle circumstances and in addition growing long haul activities. Our long-haul way to deal with medicinal services arrangement intends to give networks a genuine possibility of future achievement.


Zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam refers to purification in general and purification of wealth in particular, therefore, those Muslims who have wealth over a certain ratio they are liable to pay Zakat (2.5%) on it and give it to those who are less fortunate and don’t have sufficient means to live their life in a standard way.

From the ayah of Quran (9:60) the following people who deserve Zakat can be extracted:

✔️The Poor – These are the people who don’t have means to live their life properly and live below the line of poverty.

✔️The Needy – These people are also poor, however, because of their pride and bashfulness they don’t expose their poverty.

✔️The Collectors – These are the people who are given the duty of collection of Zakat from other people, however, they themselves can’t afford to live a normal life.

✔️The New Converts – People who convert to Islam are also eligible as Zakat recipients as with their conversion to Islam they need assistance and help for a new start in life.

✔️To Free Slaves – The money of Zakat can also be spent on freeing the slaves as well.

✔️To Help Someone Pay Debt – Those who are in debt and can’t afford to pay it off on their own are also eligible for Zakat.

✔️In Cause of Allah – Zakat can also be given to people who strive in the way of Allah, especially in the form of fighting the usurpers.

✔️For Travelers – Zakat can also be given to the travellers and wayfarers as they might need the money when it comes to travel arrangements.

Silent Hands support’s duty will be distributing the Zakat money strictly who deserve.

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